Asmahan Abdisalan Hassan

Asmahan Hassan is a founding member of the regional Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa, a network of women’s civil society organisations across the region. She is also heavily involved at the grass roots level in Somaliland through the Nagaad Umbrella goup. She is chairperson of SOWRAG (Somaliland Women’s Research and Action Group). The principle behind SOWRAG is that unless there are conscious efforts by women to act immediately and upgrade their economic, social, political and legal situation, it might be more difficult to reverse the negative trends characterized with women, causing the total absence of women from the decision-making processes including the legal professions which in return affects their livelihood. SOWRAG strives for a just society where its members live in peace and harmony with each other and  where all forms of violence and inequalities based on gender, clan are eliminated, and where every member has the same rights and opportunities. They work to empower Somaliland women by increasing their capacity, conduct research, undertake advocacy programs, information dissemination and device action program meeting their needs.