NAGAAD Network was founded in 1997 to advocate for women and children’s empowerment and to work towards achieving an egalitarian society where women, children and men are equally significant. Currently, NAGAAD is consisting representation of 46 women’s organizations across the country. It has operational offices in all six regions, and representative in Nairobi.
Nagaad was formed to serve as an organized, collective voice of women who were determined to fight for their socio-economic and political rights as equal citizens of Somaliland.
In regard to its structure and decision making process, Nagaad has a general assembly which represents the member organizations. This assembly elects eleven board members entrusted to the strategic guidance of the organization. The daily activities are run by the secretariat headed by the Network’s Executive
Director assisted by the management team and program and operational staff on the bases of the constitution and the other administrative procedures.

Nagaad network exists to empower Somaliland women in all aspects of their lives through advocacy and capacity strengthening.


To improve the education status of girls and women in Somaliland
To improve the environmental situation in rural and urban areas of Somaliland
To promote the respect for women’s and children’s rights in Somaliland
To improve the economic situation of women and children in Somaliland
To enhance women’s participation in political decision making and peace building in Somaliland
A massage form Executive Director

Nafiisa Yusuf
Executive Director, Nagaad