Network Governance

Nagaad Network’s institutional structure aims to respond to and accommodate the nature of its work and the original philosophy of its formation.

It defines the roles, responsibilities, authorities, the process and the relationship of all these structural units. The highest unit is the General assembly (GA) of the network which consists of 46 member organizations and it has the ultimate say in decision making within the network. The GA meets annually, and may have extra-ordinary meetings when necessary.
Nagaad Network is governed by a board of directors (BOD) elected once every three years by popular vote of the General assembly. The board composed of seven members includes the Chairperson, Vice- Chairperson and Treasurer. Specific criteria for Board membership exists in order to secure individuals who can implement the organization’s processes and procedures.

Nagaad’s constitution permits for the extension of the Board’s remit for an extra two years. The Board directs the organisation and the Network’s strategic direction and it is also responsible for mobilizing resources.
The Management Team headed by the Executive Director are staff members employed by the organisation. Their role is to assist to translate the Board’s directives into programs and activities that serve women’s causes.

NAGAAD Network Organizational Chart

A massage form Executive Director

Nafiisa Yusuf
Executive Director, Nagaad