Nagaad aspires to see the rights of women and children respected in Somaliland


Nagaad network exists to empower Somaliland women in all aspects of their lives through advocacy and capacity strengthening.

Core Values:

The following values underpin Nagaad work:

  • Integrity for all by observing the network policies and procedures in all operations;
  • Transparency and accountability to all stakeholders, i.e. women, member organizations, government, partners and the general public.
  • Honesty in representing the Network’s member organizations and in reaching out to the real target people
  • Commitment to the cause of women by planning and prioritizing interventions that can promote women’s empowerment, which are also acceptable under national legislations and society’s moral values
  • Equal participation for all social groups in order to reflect different opinions and arguments
  • Impartiality in programming, planning, allocating and implementing programs
  • Respect for all. Nagaad believes in freedom of thought and our forums provide an open environment for discussion;
  • Bringing together women activists in order for them to share and learn from each other’s synergies and talents; Replicating lessons learnt from successful programs to new circumstances;
A massage form Executive Director

Nafiisa Yusuf
Executive Director, Nagaad