Member Organizations

# Acronym Name of the Organization District
1 ADO Agriculture Development Organization Hargeisa
2 Alkowniin Alkowniin Women Voluntary Organization Hargeisa
3 ARWO Agriculture Rehabilitation and Women in Development Org. Hargeisa
4 ASWA Association for the Somaliland Women’s Advancement Hargeisa
5 AWDO Aw Barkhadle Women Development Organization Hargeisa
6 AYAAN Ayaan Women’s Development Association Hargeisa
7 BAKWA Barwaaqo La kulan Women Association Hargeisa
8 BVO Barwaqo Voluntary Organization Hargeisa
9 CLHE Candlelight for Health and Education Hargeisa
10 CCS Committee for Concerned Somalis Hargeisa
11 DULMAR Dulmar For Women’s Development Advocacy and Peace Hargeisa
12 FEDHA Female-Headed Households Association Hargeisa
13 HANAD HANAD Women’s Welfare Association Hargeisa
14 Havoyoco Hargeisa Voluntary Youth Committee Hargeisa
15 H/GROUP Hargeisa Women’s Group Hargeisa
16 HAWFO Hargeisa Women on Focus Organization Hargeisa
17 MRG Mother land Rescue Group Hargeisa
18 LMWA Lama-Huraan Women’s Association Hargeisa
19 SOLWO Somaliland Women’s organization Hargeisa
20 SWWO Somaliland War Widow Organization Hargeisa
21 SOWDA Somaliland Women’s Development Association Hargeisa
22 SOWRAG Somaliland Women’s Research and Action Group Hargeisa
23 SOWPO Somaliland for Progress, Advocacy and Peace Hargeisa
24 SOYWA Somaliland Young Women’s Association Hargeisa
25 TAWAKAL Tawakal Organization Hargeisa
26 VONYO Voluntary National Youth Organization Hargeisa
27 WADA Women’s Action for Advocacy and Development Association Hargeisa
28 WORDA Women’s Rehabilitation and Development Association Hargeisa
29 WAIG Women Inter-Action Group Hargeisa
30 HAN Somaliland Women & children With Disabilty Organization Hargeisa
31 WAAPO Women’s Action Advocacy and Progress Organization Hargeisa
32 Hoobaan Hoobaan Women Organization salahley
33 Ugbaad Ugbaad Organization Gabiley
34 Alla Amin AllaAamin Women Organization Baligubdle
35 OCCDO Orientation community and civilian Development Erigavo
36 WEDAS Sanaagwome’s Educational Development association Erigavo
37 HOWRDO Hodan Women Relief Development Org Lasanod
38 SWCDO Somaliland women and children Development organization Lasanod
39 ABWO Ayaan Badan women organization Burao
40 Qoysdaryeel Qoysdaryeel(family care)Organization Burao
41 WHEA Women Human right,education, and environment Association Burao
42 Al hanan Alhanan Women Youth Development Organization Berbera
43 CCG Community concerned group Berbera
44 Higsad Higsad women organization Berbera
45 Kaalmo Kaalmo Organization Borama
46 T.D.F Technical Development Foundation Borama

National and Regional Networks

  1. Strategic Initiative for the Horn of Africa (SIHA). Nagaad served as the chair organization for SIHA from 2005-6.
  2. Nagaad is also a member of GPAC Global partnership against armed conflict
  3. Nagaad has strong collaborative and networking ties with Somaliland Youth Organization (SONYO) and the non-state actor’s forum (SONSAF)