Improving girl & Women's Education

In Somaliland, before 2000, women’s access to education at all levels was very low.

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Economic empowerment of women

In Somaliland, a woman’s right to own property was not understood due to historic and traditional

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Participation of women in Decision making

Somaliland Women were absent from the 1991, 1993, and 1997 Grand Conferences which laid the

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Women’s reproductive rights

Nagaad campaigns focused on the rights of women which is due to the specific circumstances

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Human Rights

Nagaad campaigns for human rights for all social groups, Nagaad, along with the other CSO,

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Environmental Sustainability

Somaliland, especially the eastern regions experienced dry seasons for the last three years,

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A massage form Executive Director

Nafiisa Yusuf
Executive Director, Nagaad