Drought Emergency Response

Somaliland, especially the eastern regions experienced dry seasons for the last three years, the water ways go dry and boreholes often become the only source of water. Residents often must pay money for the use of the boreholes, using up families’ limited resources. Droughts mostly affect women and children since they are most vulnerable groups of the community.
Nagaad with the technical support from MoLSA provided water and food for 120 female headed households living in five districts which were affected by severe droughts in March 8th, 2017. This was part of the commemoration of the international women’s day. The teams began the food distributions on March 8th because of the deteriorating situation for families dealing with drought.
NAGAAD and MoLSA conducted coordination meetings for the stakeholders to identify the target areas based on the needs and the real situation in the ground, prepare plans, do fund raising and resource mobilizations and finally to distribute food.

Nagaad network exists to improve the environmental situation in rural and urban areas of Somaliland

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Nafiisa Yusuf
Executive Director, Nagaad