Participation of Women in the Decision Making Processes

Women were absent from the 1991, 1993, and 1997 Grand Conferences which laid the foundations for the current Somaliland despite their logistical support in these conferences. The main reason for their absence was that the dominant clan structure does not provide a mechanism for women’s involvement in such political processes.
Nagaad believes that women’s participation in the decision making process can be a master key to realize a meaningful life, i.e. Access to all other rights including equal economic opportunities and inclusive decision making for all social groups. Currently, 71 women political aspirants who have political interest for the coming parliamentary elections were registered, yet they don’t have supportive means. Throughout the democratization process in Somaliland, the question of women’s fair participation and women’s competition – equity questions in relation to the social, economic and legal factors have not been addressed. The quota system has been proposed by women activists as a transitional and alternative approach for women to enter parliament and the local councils.
In pushing this agenda forward, Nagaad regularly engages with the parliament, government, political parties. It also attempts to use research to identify issues and find out fresh information that can be used for advocacy, sustaining
community mobilization and coverage of activism by the media. Furthermore Nagaad also trains political female aspirants on how to effectively increase their capacity to contest political elections.

Nagaad network exists to enhance women’s participation in political decision making and peace building in Somaliland

A number of progress timelines

  • 2009

    Parliamentary agenda

    Women’s quota as a “parliamentary agenda” to be passed (un-successful attempt)

  • 2010

    President’s affirmative statement on women’s quota

    H.E. President Silanyo’s affirmative statement on women’s quota in the parliament - review committee commissioned in 2010

  • 2011

    Positive findings from the committee report

    Positive findings from the committee report – people supported a 10% quota for women in parliament and local councils (2011 committee report)

  • 2012

    An increased in the number of women elected

    An increased in the number of women elected in the last local council elections in 2012

  • 2012

    Appointed Prosecutors

    Initial step toward women's inclusion in the judiciary (appointed prosecutors) in 2012

  • 2013

    Public view on women’s political participation is improving,

    Public view on women’s political participation is improving, as a result of awareness campaigns – this can be seen from 2011 national consultative process led by Ministers

A massage form Executive Director

Nafiisa Yusuf
Executive Director, Nagaad