Women’s Economic Empowerment

Nagaad campaigns for human rights for all social groups, but very specifically focused on the rights of women which is due to the specific circumstances of women in a male dominated society. Nagaad, along with the other CSO, advocates for incorporating these international conventions and instruments on human rights into the national legislation. In order to convince policy makers, Nagaad employs solid arguments to raise public awareness with the purpose of attitudinal change to the fundamental rights of women in order to change discriminatory laws, e.g. customary rules against women, and documenting, investigating and monitoring of violence against women.

Gender Based Violence (GBV):

Nagaad Network works on Genders Based Violence such as FGM, Domestic Violence, Child Early and Forced Marriage, Rape, etc. in all Somaliland regions..
Nagaad provides legal empowerment of women and communities with legal knowledge, training of paralegals, networking with legal aid service providers and capacity building of law enforcement officers with emphasis on female members of the police. Nagaad also advocate and lobby for legislative and policy changes; increasing access to legal aid services and ways of seeking redress for victims of violence, to bridge the gap between Justice and law enforcement institutions and provide psychosocial counseling. Currently Nagaad is working with the parliament on the development of the Sexual Offenses Bill. This bill will sort out all GBV cases in Somaliland.
For a long term, Nagaad had in plan to introduce systematic templates for monitoring GBV issue to be used primarily by its fleet of member organizations scattered in the regions, because protection is a major thematic area of our work.
It was in 2013, when we had to work with UNDP on multi-layer project to improve the quality of life for the victims of GBV. Initially, we started to use the government endorsed Standard Operating Procedure for prevention and response to GBV. Although SOP was endorsed by the government as an affirmative action, but it was considered its definitions could not conflict with those in the criminal justice system which has one few provisions on sexual violence.
As these criminal law are those used by the court, we have decided to be taught on the proper use of the criminal justice law itself, and then we agreed that Nagaad has to introduce its own template to monitor the procedural justice of GBV related cases referred to the court.
Judicial monitoring tool was theoretically developed, but even no one knows how it will look like until Nagaad employed a team of its staff and member organizations and also consulted with some officials from the office of the prosecutor and that was when we developed an input on this this should look like and how it will work.

Nagaad network exists to promote the respect for women’s and children’s rights in Somaliland

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Nafiisa Yusuf
Executive Director, Nagaad